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"We developed Exploro with the idea that people can now rediscover the world and the adventures that come with travel. At Exploro we want travelers to know where to find the best romantic cafes in Paris, a rustic lodge in the Canadian Rockies, or to be able picture themselves in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti . Exploro creates the magic and you, as the brand are the magician. Together we can bring this amazing world of ours to life for travelers across the globe.”

Kirk Adams
Founder and CEO Exploro Group, Inc.

Our Values

  1. Positivity

    We believe in a positive attitude. Positivity fuels success and success fuels our dreams.
  2. Inclusion

    We believe that everyone’s voice matters. Your contribution to the team is important.
  3. Exploration

    We believe in exploring everyone’s potential to do great things. Explore your world and expand your opportunities at Exploro.
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About Us

Exploro Group works with airline partners to create a greater worldwide travel experience both onboard the aircraft and on the ground. Our team caters experiences to travelers coast to coast and internationally by working with hotels, attractions, and restaurants to create exclusive deals, discounts, and giveaways to explorers on the app. We promote high-quality content by working directly with high-producing influencers. With these creators around the globe, we give travelers endless possibilities for exploration and adventuring.
Choose ExploroGroup as the destination for all of your creative solutions and arrive at your ancillary revenue and marketing goals using our exciting new products that will show you off to hundreds of thousands of people on commercial airlines worldwide. Make magic with us.