Why Wander? Travel? Explore?

Sep 9th, 2022 · 3 min read

As of 2018, 92 million Americans traveled outside the country with 42 million of those traveling somewhere further than Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. European statistics are similar. However, even if you aren’t traveling across the globe on a regular basis, most people do some major travel in their lifetime. Why?

Travel allows us to get outside our comfort zone. To move beyond our little bubble and experience things we’ve never seen or experienced before. Travel expands our minds, and allows us to take a break from our everyday lives and can heal, soothe and relax us in ways that being at home and around our responsibilities doesn’t quite accomplish.

Travel and Exploration can open your eyes and bring about a sense of wonder. It provides opportunities to expand and strengthen relationships and allows you to appreciate what you have in your life.

“Travel allows us to get outside our comfort zone.
To move beyond our little bubble and experience
things we’ve never seen or experienced before.”

Traveling also allows you to learn about history, cultures and yourself. Find forests filled with wander, or deep blue oceans that lead to an entire new world, or even mountain tops that allow you to view the world through new eyes. This may not only reduce your stress and depression but may also heal you in ways you never expected. Getting out in nature has healing properties, so even if you aren’t spending your entire time in nature, just being outside for short periods of time and allowing your body to absorb the vitamin D from the sun, or the rain as it hits your skin can bring you a greater sense of purpose, and belonging in the world you currently exist. 



Additionally, travel can engage all five of your senses and creates an awareness that is often missed or overlooked. You will feel the rain, the ocean water or sand between your toes. You will taste the cuisine, spices and textures of other cultures. See the world from up high, or down below and the vivid colors that exist in the world around you. You will smell the rain, sea, and spices in different ways than you have previously experienced. Stop and listen to the stomping of hooves or rumble of the train, or the crunching of leaves and it will open up an entire new world to you.

Heidi Rothert

Heidi has been writing her whole life. She grew up writing short stories on her grandpa's old computer in the basement. She majored in Communications and Advertising at BYU and joined ExploroGroup's team in August 2022. On the weekends she loves to hike, camp, and be outdoors.